Best Art Museums in New York; Where to Visit

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Are you looking for any art museums in New York City? I was actually quite bored last weekend, so after I shared these random tricks here on how to remove spray paint from glass easily, I thought of going around and check some art museums here in New York.

Actually, New York is one of many cities in the world where you can find any art museums. If you want to explore more arts, especially what you can find in New York, you can make your plan to visit some museums which are very good in collections and worth to visit. Some museums even become the best place to spend your weekends in New York. Then, what are those museums that you should not missed once you are in New York?

Museum Of Modern Art (Moma)

Becomes the part of Midtown West, this museum shows its greatness through the arts that being showed there. It has the collections of many classic paintings that will impress you with its beautiful and artistic masterpiece. One of the examples, you can see Van Gogh’s “The Starry Night” in this museum. Besides that, Salvador Dali’s “The Persistence of Memory” also becomes one of the masterpieces that you can find here.

As you might have interest to visit this place, you can pay for $25 for adults’ ticket and it is free for the visitors under 16 years old. So, if you think it is interesting to see the masterpieces here, you can manage your schedule and make sure to visit this museum when you are in holiday. So, it will be great experience to see such beautiful masterpieces in this museum!

The Metropolitan Museum Of Art

Actually, this place is much recommended for you, even though you are not really that attracted with the nuance from any museum. This place will not make you bored and will really impress you with its collection. You will find about 2 million objects in this place, which will be very great experience for you to see all of those objects.

The collections from this museum are the parts of about 5000 years of history of the world. So, that will be a great experience if you have your chance to visit this place. If you want to enter this museum, you need to pay the ticket for about $25 for adults. Meanwhile, for students, it will be about $12 per student. If you are the residents of New York State, it will be good for you since you will get the free ticket!

Whitney Museum Of American Art

Another worthy museum to visit when you are in New York is Whitney Museum of American Art. In this museum, you can find many examples of masterpieces which will make your visitation are worthy enough. You only have to pay for $25 per adult and you can pay as you wish on Friday. So, if you think you need to find any worthy place to visit, this museum will be one of the best destinations.

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

5-neat-secrets-how-to-remove-spray-paint-from-glassThis is another place that will be the medium for you to meet many great masterpieces. In this place, you can find many works from popular names, such as Kandinsky, Picasso, and many more. You also can find some collections, which are permanent collections such as the masterpiece from Constantin Brancusi and many more. You will meet many great art works that will give pleasure to your eyes and mind.

If you want to visit this museum, you only need to spend for about $25 as the standard ticket price for adult. For student, it is about $18 and the ticket is even free for teenagers under 12s. With those expectations of price, you can manage to visit the museum on your weekend with your families or friends. Then, enjoy the beautiful and worthy art works!

Brooklyn Museum

If Met or Metropolitan Museum of Art comes as the first museum with great diversity, Brooklyn museum becomes the second one. Even though it cannot be in the same level with Met, becomes the runner-up does not mean that bad. You can find bunch of arts in this Brooklyn Museum. There are about 1.5 millions works that ready to impress you with its greatness.

In this place, you can find many paintings from John Singer Sargent and Georgia O’Keeffe. You also can meet with the best collections of Egyptian art there. If you want to have free access to this museum, make sure to visit on the first Saturday for each month. So, if you think hard about visiting certain place in your weekend, this place can be the best option that you have to try.

If you want to enjoy some museums in New York, those mentioned places should be on your destinations. Those museums are not merely popular without reason, those places have their uniqueness, great collections and many other interesting things that make those places become worth to visit. So, do not hesitate to make your schedule and have your plan to visit those museums once you are in New York!