An Introduction to the National Art Museum of China

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Art is everywhere. Every country or region has its own culture and shows how unique or distinctive culture in that certain area. It does happen with China. Of course, China is rich with culture and arts. If you want to learn about Asian culture and arts, China could be one of the best references. So, if you think that you are curious about Asian culture, especially Chinese culture, visiting National Art Museum of China could be one of the best decisions ever. Then, what you should know about this place?

National Art Museum Of China And Its Basic Things To Know

Before you learn about what you can get from this place, you should know about several basic things related with this museum. Actually, this museum was established in 1958 and considered as art museum in China. The founder of this museum was Mao Zedong with the help of Dai Nian-Chi as the architect. As this building belongs to the art museum, the maintenance of this building is under the Ministry of Culture of the People’s Republic of China.

Actually, this museum is located in Dongcheng Distric, Beijing, China. At this place, you will find many interesting arts, including the ancient arts and Contemporary art. Some of the corners of this museum also show you a little bit about western culture which makes it more balance in the content. With the various collections, it makes people really love to visit this place.

Some Categories Of The Collections Of This Museum

As it is already mentioned before that this museum consists of many culture from different countries and continent, it also has different categories of the collections there. For example, you can find traditional Chinese painting as one of the categories there. Besides that, oil painting is also considered into different categories. Meanwhile, the other categories are Chinese New Year picture, sculpture, print, and many more.

You also can find any traditional picture story categories, in which you will find pictures that belong to traditional one that has story to be delivered. Besides category for oil painting, you also can find the category for watercolor painting, which is also way different than the other. Caricature is also considered as the other 2D arts categories in this museum. Despite all the painting categories, actually, you also can find the porcelain, costumes and lacquer categories in this museum.

How To Access This Museum

If you are visiting this place using public transportation, actually it is very easy to be accessed. You do not need to worry about public transportation since public transportation in China is very helpful and understandable. To make you easier to reach this place, you can reach to the closest stop of this museum by transiting in National Art Museum Station from Subway Line 8. You also can reach this place from Dongsi Station by using subway Line 5 and Line 6 as your transport.

So, if you are considering the public transportation for reaching this museum, you have to make sure to choose the right bus that will take you there, to the closest stops of the National Art Museum of China. You also can use your own transportation vehicle and use the parking area there, inside the museum. In other words, to reach or to access this museum is really easy, whether it is using private transportation or public transportation. Both of the accesses are comfortable for you.

Expansion Of The Building And Visitors

Besides knowing about what you will find inside the building, knowing about the history of its building is also something interesting. Yes, you should know that this building was built in 1958 for the first time. Then, it was finished back then in 1962. At the first time, the large or the area is only about 30,000 m2. In May 2004, this museum renovated and got its additional area for about 5,375 m2.

After the expansion of the area, the museum got more recognition and make sure to be the largest museum in China. Not only based on the size or the area, this museum also gives the best exhibition of arts for those who want to learn and enjoy arts from Chinese culture especially, and other cultures that had been shown in the museum as well. So, many people really come to this place to know about those arts that become the collections here.

To conclude, if you are visiting China and you want to know about several places to go, make sure to have National Arts Museum of China as your stop. Especially, if you really love arts, this place will be a good place to enjoy many arts. Here you will know about how beautiful and how aesthetic the paintings are. You will also know about the diversity and the uniqueness of arts that become the collections of this museum.