3 Art Museums around the World You Should Visit

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Do you have a dream to visit some art museums around the world? Of course, this kind of activity will be dream for all of you who love arts. Seeing arts museums will be another kind of refreshing that will fulfill your soul with happiness. So, you perhaps can consider some of the following museums around the world to visit in your life.

Le Louvre, Paris, France

If you are already familiar to hear France with its arts, Louvre is actually one of the art centers that you can find there. Actually, this place is a palace back then. However, it became museum since about two centuries ago. Not only about the art works inside it, the building itself is a good thing to attract your attention. It shows how the art is really applied in the whole building.

In front of the building, as the part of the entrance, you can find pyramid, which is very artistic. So, if you want to visit this place, you will not only get amazed because of the arts inside it but also because of its building. You also can find some popular art works such as “Mona Lisa” by Leonardo da Vinci, “Venus de Milo”, “Winged Victory of Samothrace” and many more.

The Prado, Madrid, Spain

If you love to see any classical masterpiece, this is the best place to visit. You can find many classic collections which were collected by the royal family of Spanish, especially the kings and the queens. As it has many of collections from the kings and queens, the royal family has responsibility to maintain this museum. You can find many paintings which were very popular.

For example, there are Goya, Ribera, Velazquez, and Zurbaran as the painting collection there. For the main masterpiece that most people want to know once they have visitation to this place, it is “The Three Graces” from Rubens. This place was opened in 1819 by Fernando VII. Meanwhile, the current building is designed by Juan de Villanueva.

The Vatican Museums, Vatican City, Italy

Actually, this museum contains with two different collections. The first is Musei Vaticani and the second one is Museo Pio-Clementino. Both the places have great collection which will really give you good impression once you visit that place. Besides that, if you want to learn more about medieval and classical arts, especially painting, this is the best museums to visit.

In this museum, you also can find many renaissance paintings as most of the collections there. If you have your time to visit this place, do not miss the see the Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel and Raphael Rooms as well. Then, that will be one of your great visitations to this great museum in Italy.

Actually, you still can find many other museums of arts around the world. However, if you visit Europe, do not forget to visit those places as you will find many great art works there. That will really be a good chance for you to visit and enjoy the arts there.