Art Museums Reviews of The Acropolis Museum, Greece

Actually, visiting Athens, Greece could be one of your big dreams in your life. Of course, it is something interesting if you are a history lover and love to travel around the world. When we learn about the world’s history, of course, Greece will always be the part of it. You will know the story about Gods and Goddess from Greece. Not merely about its history and philosophy, this place is also one of the best place with the best art. It could be proven with the existence of The Acropolis Museum in Athens, Greece.

What You Will Find In The Acropolis Museum

If you do not really like museum or old ancient things, you might consider this place as boring. Yet, this place is actually considered as one of the best museum in the world. For you who want to know about old history, this place can be one of the best references to choose. Of course, there will be many old or ancient discoveries from the past. Then, what you could find there, inside the museum? Are you curious about it?

Actually, considering about the Acropolis Museum, you will find that this museum is considered as one of those museums which has beauty in for every inch of its side. Even the floor of this museum is very beautiful. You will find that the floor is made from transparent glass. The thing that will make you amaze is not about the material of the floor, but it is more about what you can find from the floor itself.

Yes, from the floor, you will find out that it provides you the history, in which it has the view of excavation from archaeology. In short, you will really get amazed by the building itself and also the collections inside it. So, things that you will find inside this museum will really never make you disappointed about it. So, if you have time and you are in Athens for holiday, just make sure to write down this place as your destination.

Things That Become The Main Collection

Despite all things related with history that being displayed there, of course, there is something that makes people really wants to visit this place. Of course, every museum has its own main attention, so does with The Acropolis Museum. You can find out that people really come here for its collections and for one of the best collections here. Then, what is the main collection or people call it as the main attractor of this museum?

Actually, the thing that you should not missed when you are in Acropolis Museum is that your chance to see the detail of the Parthenon directly. It is such a good chance if you can see about its detail once you are in this location. So, if you decide to visit the Acropolis Museum, make sure to enjoy every side of this museum, since it will really give you such an enjoyable moment and refreshing feeling to see many beautiful historical things in such a good place.

Therefore, if you decide to visit The Acropolis Museum, make sure that you at least know little information about this museum. Then, you will catch up the information that you can gather there. By learning about it before, it will help you to enjoy more about things or collection inside of the museum since you will not be that clueless about what you will find out there. So, make sure to read some museum reviews about The Acropolis Museum, once you visit this place. Then, you can enjoy how great the Acropolis Museum is.

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Best Area to Stay in Singapore

Best Area to Stay in Singapore

Singapore seems like many modern cities across Europe and US at glance, but it is different. It still has a taste of Asia like one pointed by here that you shouldn’t miss. Singapore has many excellent areas that are different of each other. You will taste different atmosphere just by walking distance. If you look for the best area to stay in Singapore, check out this small.

Best Area to Stay in Singapore: Orchard Road

Best Area to Stay in SingaporeIt is probably the most popular area in Singapore and the reason why most visitors come to Singapore. This area is the heaven for shoppers. You can find almost anything here, from the usual and simple stuff to upscale shopping. At the smaller streets, you should find excellent restaurants and bars, away from the buzzing.

Colonial District

This area is also known as Historical District. The location is very convenient, is among few who made a point of its values as cultural traveling and leisures alike being at the center of the other entire areas. It allows you to reach other area fast using the MRT lines, while the area actually looks really good and stunning for the heritage buildings, and museums. This is especially great for those who love to learn more about Singapore.

Marina Bay

This area is the most modern and fantastic booming area. This area is a must visit area especially if your visit is quick. It is the home of Marina Bay Sands, Merlion statue, Gardens by the Bay, and so many others. It has many excellent hotel options and this area like the ones in almost never sleeps. If you want to have spectacular view all the time, stay here.

Of course, there are still many other areas in Singapore that worth your visit. The Quays is also an excellent place, while Kampung Glam and Bugis are entertaining as well. However, those three should make the best area to stay in Singapore on your first visits. You can always come back and explore more areas later.

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Best Art Museums in New York; Where to Visit

Are you looking for any art museums in New York City? I was actually quite bored last weekend, so after I shared these random tricks here on how to remove spray paint from glass easily, I thought of going around and check some art museums here in New York.

Actually, New York is one of many cities in the world where you can find any art museums. If you want to explore more arts, especially what you can find in New York, you can make your plan to visit some museums which are very good in collections and worth to visit. Some museums even become the best place to spend your weekends in New York. Then, what are those museums that you should not missed once you are in New York?

Museum Of Modern Art (Moma)

Becomes the part of Midtown West, this museum shows its greatness through the arts that being showed there. It has the collections of many classic paintings that will impress you with its beautiful and artistic masterpiece. One of the examples, you can see Van Gogh’s “The Starry Night” in this museum. Besides that, Salvador Dali’s “The Persistence of Memory” also becomes one of the masterpieces that you can find here.

As you might have interest to visit this place, you can pay for $25 for adults’ ticket and it is free for the visitors under 16 years old. So, if you think it is interesting to see the masterpieces here, you can manage your schedule and make sure to visit this museum when you are in holiday. So, it will be great experience to see such beautiful masterpieces in this museum!

The Metropolitan Museum Of Art

Actually, this place is much recommended for you, even though you are not really that attracted with the nuance from any museum. This place will not make you bored and will really impress you with its collection. You will find about 2 million objects in this place, which will be very great experience for you to see all of those objects.

The collections from this museum are the parts of about 5000 years of history of the world. So, that will be a great experience if you have your chance to visit this place. If you want to enter this museum, you need to pay the ticket for about $25 for adults. Meanwhile, for students, it will be about $12 per student. If you are the residents of New York State, it will be good for you since you will get the free ticket!

Whitney Museum Of American Art

Another worthy museum to visit when you are in New York is Whitney Museum of American Art. In this museum, you can find many examples of masterpieces which will make your visitation are worthy enough. You only have to pay for $25 per adult and you can pay as you wish on Friday. So, if you think you need to find any worthy place to visit, this museum will be one of the best destinations.

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

5-neat-secrets-how-to-remove-spray-paint-from-glassThis is another place that will be the medium for you to meet many great masterpieces. In this place, you can find many works from popular names, such as Kandinsky, Picasso, and many more. You also can find some collections, which are permanent collections such as the masterpiece from Constantin Brancusi and many more. You will meet many great art works that will give pleasure to your eyes and mind.

If you want to visit this museum, you only need to spend for about $25 as the standard ticket price for adult. For student, it is about $18 and the ticket is even free for teenagers under 12s. With those expectations of price, you can manage to visit the museum on your weekend with your families or friends. Then, enjoy the beautiful and worthy art works!

Brooklyn Museum

If Met or Metropolitan Museum of Art comes as the first museum with great diversity, Brooklyn museum becomes the second one. Even though it cannot be in the same level with Met, becomes the runner-up does not mean that bad. You can find bunch of arts in this Brooklyn Museum. There are about 1.5 millions works that ready to impress you with its greatness.

In this place, you can find many paintings from John Singer Sargent and Georgia O’Keeffe. You also can meet with the best collections of Egyptian art there. If you want to have free access to this museum, make sure to visit on the first Saturday for each month. So, if you think hard about visiting certain place in your weekend, this place can be the best option that you have to try.

If you want to enjoy some museums in New York, those mentioned places should be on your destinations. Those museums are not merely popular without reason, those places have their uniqueness, great collections and many other interesting things that make those places become worth to visit. So, do not hesitate to make your schedule and have your plan to visit those museums once you are in New York!

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An Introduction to the National Art Museum of China

Art is everywhere. Every country or region has its own culture and shows how unique or distinctive culture in that certain area. It does happen with China. Of course, China is rich with culture and arts. If you want to learn about Asian culture and arts, China could be one of the best references. So, if you think that you are curious about Asian culture, especially Chinese culture, visiting National Art Museum of China could be one of the best decisions ever. Then, what you should know about this place?

National Art Museum Of China And Its Basic Things To Know

Before you learn about what you can get from this place, you should know about several basic things related with this museum. Actually, this museum was established in 1958 and considered as art museum in China. The founder of this museum was Mao Zedong with the help of Dai Nian-Chi as the architect. As this building belongs to the art museum, the maintenance of this building is under the Ministry of Culture of the People’s Republic of China.

Actually, this museum is located in Dongcheng Distric, Beijing, China. At this place, you will find many interesting arts, including the ancient arts and Contemporary art. Some of the corners of this museum also show you a little bit about western culture which makes it more balance in the content. With the various collections, it makes people really love to visit this place.

Some Categories Of The Collections Of This Museum

As it is already mentioned before that this museum consists of many culture from different countries and continent, it also has different categories of the collections there. For example, you can find traditional Chinese painting as one of the categories there. Besides that, oil painting is also considered into different categories. Meanwhile, the other categories are Chinese New Year picture, sculpture, print, and many more.

You also can find any traditional picture story categories, in which you will find pictures that belong to traditional one that has story to be delivered. Besides category for oil painting, you also can find the category for watercolor painting, which is also way different than the other. Caricature is also considered as the other 2D arts categories in this museum. Despite all the painting categories, actually, you also can find the porcelain, costumes and lacquer categories in this museum.

How To Access This Museum

If you are visiting this place using public transportation, actually it is very easy to be accessed. You do not need to worry about public transportation since public transportation in China is very helpful and understandable. To make you easier to reach this place, you can reach to the closest stop of this museum by transiting in National Art Museum Station from Subway Line 8. You also can reach this place from Dongsi Station by using subway Line 5 and Line 6 as your transport.

So, if you are considering the public transportation for reaching this museum, you have to make sure to choose the right bus that will take you there, to the closest stops of the National Art Museum of China. You also can use your own transportation vehicle and use the parking area there, inside the museum. In other words, to reach or to access this museum is really easy, whether it is using private transportation or public transportation. Both of the accesses are comfortable for you.

Expansion Of The Building And Visitors

Besides knowing about what you will find inside the building, knowing about the history of its building is also something interesting. Yes, you should know that this building was built in 1958 for the first time. Then, it was finished back then in 1962. At the first time, the large or the area is only about 30,000 m2. In May 2004, this museum renovated and got its additional area for about 5,375 m2.

After the expansion of the area, the museum got more recognition and make sure to be the largest museum in China. Not only based on the size or the area, this museum also gives the best exhibition of arts for those who want to learn and enjoy arts from Chinese culture especially, and other cultures that had been shown in the museum as well. So, many people really come to this place to know about those arts that become the collections here.

To conclude, if you are visiting China and you want to know about several places to go, make sure to have National Arts Museum of China as your stop. Especially, if you really love arts, this place will be a good place to enjoy many arts. Here you will know about how beautiful and how aesthetic the paintings are. You will also know about the diversity and the uniqueness of arts that become the collections of this museum.

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3 Art Museums around the World You Should Visit

Do you have a dream to visit some art museums around the world? Of course, this kind of activity will be dream for all of you who love arts. Seeing arts museums will be another kind of refreshing that will fulfill your soul with happiness. So, you perhaps can consider some of the following museums around the world to visit in your life.

Le Louvre, Paris, France

If you are already familiar to hear France with its arts, Louvre is actually one of the art centers that you can find there. Actually, this place is a palace back then. However, it became museum since about two centuries ago. Not only about the art works inside it, the building itself is a good thing to attract your attention. It shows how the art is really applied in the whole building.

In front of the building, as the part of the entrance, you can find pyramid, which is very artistic. So, if you want to visit this place, you will not only get amazed because of the arts inside it but also because of its building. You also can find some popular art works such as “Mona Lisa” by Leonardo da Vinci, “Venus de Milo”, “Winged Victory of Samothrace” and many more.

The Prado, Madrid, Spain

If you love to see any classical masterpiece, this is the best place to visit. You can find many classic collections which were collected by the royal family of Spanish, especially the kings and the queens. As it has many of collections from the kings and queens, the royal family has responsibility to maintain this museum. You can find many paintings which were very popular.

For example, there are Goya, Ribera, Velazquez, and Zurbaran as the painting collection there. For the main masterpiece that most people want to know once they have visitation to this place, it is “The Three Graces” from Rubens. This place was opened in 1819 by Fernando VII. Meanwhile, the current building is designed by Juan de Villanueva.

The Vatican Museums, Vatican City, Italy

Actually, this museum contains with two different collections. The first is Musei Vaticani and the second one is Museo Pio-Clementino. Both the places have great collection which will really give you good impression once you visit that place. Besides that, if you want to learn more about medieval and classical arts, especially painting, this is the best museums to visit.

In this museum, you also can find many renaissance paintings as most of the collections there. If you have your time to visit this place, do not miss the see the Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel and Raphael Rooms as well. Then, that will be one of your great visitations to this great museum in Italy.

Actually, you still can find many other museums of arts around the world. However, if you visit Europe, do not forget to visit those places as you will find many great art works there. That will really be a good chance for you to visit and enjoy the arts there.

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Top 5 of World’s Most Famous Museum

For you who love to visit museums, knowing information about the most famous museums in the world probably can be good information for you. Actually, some museums are considered as famous one and many people come from far away to visit those museums. What are those museums that considered as the famous museum around the world? Check this out!

Louvre Museum, Paris, France

As France is one of the best countries to refer arts in the world, Louvre Museum becomes one of the best museums to visit in the world. There will be many great things you find here in Louvre Museum. Many paintings are exhibited there as the part of the collections. Most of the collections of Louvre Museum are the collections from medieval era which are very classical and aesthetic.

Many people also come to this place because of its iconic pyramid in front of the main building. The transparent pyramid becomes the additional artistic side of this museum which makes people are attached to visit this place. So, when you are in Paris, France, do not forget to spend your time to visit Louvre Museum as one of your destination to visit!

The Acropolis Museum, Athens, Greece

Besides Louvre Museum, the other museum which is also popular is The Acropolis Museum. Athens which is popular as its myth of Gods and Goddesses has many great architecture and arts. The Acropolis Museum becomes one of the best places to enjoy the arts that you can find in Greece. You will get that classy and cool feeling once you are in Greece and it is something completing once you visit this museum.

This museum also has its interesting part of the building, which make this museum is as interesting as Louvre museum in the term of building. In the Acropolis Museum, you will find the beautiful and gorgeous floor which is made from glass. Not to concern about the glass as the material, actually, the floor told the visitors about the story of the Greek History that you should know about. This is one of many ways that can make this museum becomes one of the most interesting in the world.

The British Museum, London

This is the largest museum in Britain that you can find. In this museum, you will find many collections which are more about ethnography and archaeology. It was about eight million objects that become the part of The British Museum’s collections. The collections from this museum are considered as unique. For example, there are Assyrian palace rooms, prehistoric bones, and many more.

With the label as one of the largest museum in Britain, many people already interested to visit this place. Besides that, the collections of this museum even make this place becomes even more popular among citizen. Especially for those who want to enjoy museums or arts, they will really appreciate the collections and enjoy their time visiting this largest museum in London. So, do you want to visit this museum once you are in London?

The Vatican Museums, Vatican, Italy

Italy becomes another country which usually becomes the ‘source’ of arts. So, having one of the best museums from this country is something that we can expect. Actually, in Vatican, Italy, you can find many museums which become the part of Vatican Museums. For the example, you will find Museo Pio-Clementino, which is more about its classical sculpture as the collection.

Meanwhile, the other parts of The Vatican Museums have their own interesting side which will make The Vatican Museums become the museum that you should visit at least once in your life. You also cannot forget about the existence of Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel and other interesting parts from this museum.

The Metropolitan Museum Of Art, New York

In the Western Hemisphere, this museum becomes one for the largest museum. In this place, you will find about two million collections or even more. The collections of this museum also come from different part of the world. So, it shows about how vary the collections in this museum. Some popular paintings are also become the collection of this museum.

For the example, you can find “Adam and Eve” which is the masterpiece from Albrecht Durer, as the collection of this museum. Besides that, there are still bunch of great collections that you will find here. So, make sure to not skipping this place as one of your stops schedules when you are visiting New York. Actually, this is one of the best places that you can visit in New York.

Actually, you can find many more interesting and great museums around the world. However, those top 5 museums are the best museums to visit in the world. So, if you want to travel to different countries and you might have the mentioned cities as your destinations, do not forget to try visiting those museums! That would be something great to visit those museums on your holiday!

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